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Hello everybody, I hope everyone's keeping warm out there this Winter. I've been sick the past 2 weeks. Weird flu going around that has no fever and I caught it. Last week were my final exams and now I'm on a short Winter break before my final semester of school then I'll graduate hehe. I have a lot of work to do for my thesis.

We're required to do a senior art show to show off a theme with our artwork. The committee found my theme, my 'Beauty of Men' project, sound. The problem is that they find my fantasy elements wanting. They don't have to be changed, but think they detract. Despite some of the example artists they gave me to help doing very similar. So in the short time I have because my show can be any day next year, I have to work at it.

Hope everyone's been doing alright.

I had two winners for my 100K Kiriban:

- :iconrottenheart6: whom I've already made and given the gift for.

- :icondreamweaverofchaos: whose given me the info of what he wants.

Thank you everyone for supporting me for so long hehe.

Be safe out there, happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas hehe.

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100,000 Kiriban! And Erebus

Mon Oct 24, 2016, 7:25 PM
Kiriban info int he last paragraph if you want to skip straight to that.

Hey everybobby, school's been kicking me in the butt but I'm still walking! I've posted some things from there already, no sculptures are ready to post yet though. Not much else to say really heh I haven't been doing much besides playing the short times I'm home and working at school. Can't wait for World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV to come out, pre-ordered them both hehe.

In character news I'm really happy people have taken a liking to Erebus hehehe. I'll leave some background on him here for people to know more about him. Erebus is a greek god, specifically one of the primordial deities. They first beings to exist so not technically a god really. He is the god of Darkness, shadow, the moment directly after death. There is not much about him that has been found from ancient texts besides being Nyx's brother and husband as well as the father of dark deities like Thanatos (Death), Hypnos (Sleep), Morpheus (Dream), Nemesis (Revenge), etc.
Human Shaped Erebus by Juacamo
"I can't always help you, but you know I'm always there."

"My version of Erebus is pretty much the same. He has been around since the birth of the universe and has been the shadow of all things living and non. He's known you since you were born and will know you till you die, he's been with you every step of your life, the thing that defines you from the light. He keeps to himself because he knows he's a strange being to have mortals mingle with. He's attracted to people who care for the dark and have positive tendencies. He loves to console the sad and lonely in the dark. Always there just above the layers of your skin. His size is nearly unlimited as he is the shadow of all things, so when gathered together he can be unfathomably huge. During the day he cannot come out of shadows well unless it's inside a closed space. His voice is like a deep dark whisper. He moves his mouth, but does not word what he says despite people being able to hear it.

Personality wise most of the time he's a silly, tricky, sweet, caring, creepy, sensual, old coot. He loves pushing people's buttons, "Helps prevent old man Apathy from setting in." Annoying at times just to the point before being too much so as not to hurt anyone. He's allergic to bright lights, shine one on a part of his body and it leaves a hole. Light doesn't hurt him but it prevetns him from keeping his form well at times. He talks in a constant deep teasing tone. He loves to get people hot and bothered. He can teleport through portals on any surface multiple times, allowing him to even clone himself. He can also generate the parts he teleports at any size. "I can have my head just the way it is coming out of your tv, with my pecs the size of your couch under you." As he can be multiple places at once he often has clones of himself in other places. He has constant flings with other people, his wife Nyx doesn't mind. She works 24/7, her only days off are during eclipses (their honeymoons). Trillions of years of love have left him quite free to care for others that way, but she will always be his number 1. Family wise he teases all of them, a lot. Thanatos finds him embarrassing and feels he's the reason he's socially awkward. He and Morpheus love teasing and messing with people together in their dreams and have loads of fun, especially when they help and care for people who need it. He's always so proud of Nemesis, "my big baby girl *sniff* fighting for justice since she could crawl." And he makes fun of Charon and Geras for looking older than him. Only to the rare few, and his wife, does he ever show his real self. If you can see his pupils, the depths of darkness, you know you are one of them. One of the people he holds dear to his heart, and in that darkness you will find one of the few people who couldn't love you more. Especially in the light of a father."

100,000 KIRIBAN
Thank you every one so much for watching me, commenting on my work, being my friend, and supporting me for all these years. I'm gonna reach 100,000 views soon. First person to screencap and send me it in a note here on DA, or the nearest number to it, will get a drawing of nearly anything you want. This drawing will either be a Linework or Flat Color depending on my school work at the time. I will talk to you personally about what I will not draw when you send me the screen cap

Hope everyone's been doing okay, lots of birthdays of friends this month hehe.

Have a Happy Halloween too!

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Mid Fall Semester

Wed Sep 28, 2016, 10:48 AM
Hey everybody, my new camera and laptop are in o I can work from school more now and post my large projects. I just finished posting the major ink paintings I made. Sorry they're a bit fuzzy, the new camera's not great but affordable and better than what I could get for twice the price and somewhat more too. When my ceramic work is done gonna post those too.

The new laptop's pretty capable for drawing. I made sure to get one with a big screen. I also couldn't help myself and got a Deadpool mousepad with squeezy pecs hahahaha:… But yep now I can work from school. So far I can do a bit of work between class work too.

I also got: Digimon Cyber Sleuth,  Star Ocean 5, and some stuff on Steam.

In other news I went to Ramencon in Northwest Indiana, small anime convention, a lot of old friends were there hehe. I had a great time. Tried a lot of Japanese candy, probably giant type 2 diabetes from it haha. Got to meet the voice actor for James from Pokemon, Eric Stuart. He was giving tips on voice acting, dubbing, and production teams. It was pretty informative. I also got to meet the awesome Harp Twins, a pair of twins who do great covers of mostly rock music on a pair of harps. They had two concerts at the hotel. I loved the first so much I drew a picture for them within the hour we had and gave it to them at the end of the show:
The Harp Twins by Juacamo

Apparently one of them was in the Walking Dead as a zombie and was killed? Hahahaha.

Hope everybody's doing okay.

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Fall Semester 2016

Fri Aug 26, 2016, 2:39 PM
Hey everybody, started my Fall semester this week in college. It's going to be pretty rough with the amount of work I need to do, but thankfully it's nothing but art classes hehehe: Drawing, Ceramics, and Sculpting. I have two or three semesters, including this one, before i finally graduate hehe. This past summer was very productive. I don't feel like I wasted most of it. Maybe a little, but I worked and I worked hard and I'm proud of that. 

Thanks to that productivity, and good friends, I have the oomph and ethic to work this semester. I was barely anxious at all going in the first day like I usually am. My plans are getting a new laptop relatively soon so I can work from school. I have long breaks between classes that I can use to work on digital art, but need to wait about 2 weeks to get it, so will be slow posting between then and now. My teacher for Drawing class is allowing me to use commissions for grades in class which I will be doing, especially once I get those laptops. I'm there for very long periods of time, so I barely have time when I get home to work till the weekends till i get the laptop. Ceramics and Sculpting I'm gonna use nearly strictly for class.

In other news, big thanks to everyone whose been supporting me with my commissions hehehe. Gonna get that new price sheet done soon. I swear I'm not expensive hahaha. If anyone has questions about costs for now just ask me in messages or in a note till i finish the price sheet. If you're wondering if I'm open check the open slots on my main page.

Hope everyone's been alright hehehe.

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I never do these things, but this time I'll make an exception because I was in the mood haha. I was tagged by :iconresi-chibi:


1- Post the rules
2- Include 8 facts about your character/OC
3- Tag 8 other characters/OCs
4- Post their and their owners names
5- No tag backs (optional)

I'm not going to follow the last 3 rules. I don't like spreading things similar to chain mail and people have stuff to do. Also most of the friends I have have already done this so no need to. Here are the facts I'll be using for each of them:

1)Feeling - I usually generate my characters from a certain feeling I want them to represent.
2)Inspiration - What characters, situations, and themes I may have based them on.
3)Backstory - The basic summarized story leading up to their current status.
4)Design - How they look and why.
5)Current Status - How I'm using them now.
6)Current Status within story - Where they are int heir own story.
7)Voice - What voice actor I would find perfect for them.
8)Theme Songs - Any songs that I feel represent them and hep me design them more than others.

Gille Maylir Minamoto
Gille In A Dream by Juacamo Nakey Sleeping Gille by Juacamo Gille Before Class by Juacamo Lunar Dance by Juacamo Lunar Possession by Juacamo Gille ~Rooftop Sentinel ~ by Guardian-Beast
1)Feeling - When I made Gille I wanted to make a character out of all the good things I saw in fathers and mothers but in a male character wrapped into one bundle. I wanted him to be a pure male maiden, a lover, self-sacrificing, and a pacifist.
2)Inspiration - Gille's personality and parts of his design are based on several of my favorite characters in anime and gaming. I asked myself what characters would make good moms and/or dads. The top 3 being: Belldandy from one of my favorite slice of life animes 'Ah my Goddess', whom a majority of his persoanlity is based on.…
Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, where his teasing and more motherly aspects come from as well as the spark for me making him a martial artist.…
Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, from whom I got his more fun loving and life enjoying qualities.…
Other characters include Yuna from Fianl Fantasy X, who I got his eyes and more somber personality parts from. Goke from Dragon Ball Z, yes I know, and no not all the Super Seiyan parts haha except when he's pissed which is really hard to do.
3)Backstory - Gille is a werewolf from a planet of 60% werewolves all divided into clans based on phases of the moon. He was the next in line to be the Alpha of the Western Crescent clan, but he left that to his cousin Lauren who fulfilled leader qualities in his place. His mother, Esophogus, was a famous potter who died of walking pneumonia on his seventh birthday. His father, Lung, is the current Alpha and a famed mountain man and wood worker known to tell long drawn out stories to anyone who listens. He left home believing he wasn't fit to be leader of his clan and married his current husband Tetra.
4)Design - Gille probably has the most forms I've ever made for a character hahaha. His basic design is just tan shorts and a blue buttoned tank top, his closet is filled with just this outfit. He carries stuff in his short's pockets and whatever he can't fit or is very important he ties to his hair in his giant fluffy tail. Gille never wears shoes or socks, he goes unbalanced when he wears them, because his people use ground vibrations as a form of communication. His hair is naturally bubblegum pink, but he finds that embarrassing and dyes it red every day in the shower with his home made shampoo. I have an obsession with ridiculously long hair. He has 3 other forms he's often seen in. His ceremonial robes he wears for werewolf ceremonies, dances, and festivals. His werewolf form has two subforms, Speed and Power. His speed form has wolf like legs and a thinner waist. His power form has thicker muscles and human feet. Another form he has which I've only drawn once myself, the second to last, is hid God form. How he looks during a short moment when he became one with the goddess of his people.
5)Current Status - He's one of my most popular and beloved characters. I made him 10 years ago and he's still a beloved character haha. I don't use him that often for roleplays and I admit why, he's not that well rounded. He's so nice, kind, gentle, and loving, the majority of him is such large amounts of goodness it's hard to bounce off him I've noticed when interacting with him. But in terms of cuteness and just having a fun cuddly character to be with he's been perfect and I still use him for that.
6)Current Status within story - Gille's story he's from is over, it ended a few years ago. He's happily married to his husband Tetra after helping him with a severe mental disorder. He himself has gotten over his just about suicidal protective tendencies and is taking better care to care about himself. They're also taking good care of their 3 adopted sons. 
7)Voice - I've had two ideas for who'd be a perfect voice for Gille. The first is the singer of the opening theme songs of the anime Wanderers. His voice is so light, calm, soothing, and with a bit of an airy feeling to it.
The second voice actor I've thought of is Liam O'brien, especially from his rendition of RedXIII in FF7: Advent Children.
8)Theme Songs - The songs for his voice are pretty much his theme songs too haha. I also wrote my own song for him, but it's incredibly embarrassing haha. And of course the opening songs from the character he is most based on: 

Reist Kaylyn
Reist Kaylyn by Juacamo Fade To Pitch - 'Want me bigger?!' by Juacamo Reist and Bonny by Juacamo Overlord Reist by Juacamo Dark God Reist by Juacamo Young Reist by Juacamo
1)Feeling - I wanted to make a character to counter my other character Max. Where Max is my ideal of the best guy to be with for security's sake, Reist is the polar opposite, he's my ideal guy to be with for the sake of freedom. I also wanted to make as sexy of a character as possible from ideas from the inspirations I had.
2)Inspiration - Reist's look was inspired by punk and rock music as well as two artists. One is an old friend of mine I've known since high school. The other is :iconvoydkessler: who I have not seen in a long time and hope is okay. Met her in person before, nice person.
3)Backstory - Reist is from a world where every person is born with two powers, one from each parent. He has the power to grow and the power to fuse with any living thing. Fusionists are feared and he grew up mistreated or left alone for a long time till he met my character Liel. Liel and he had a good relationship in high school that never went farther than close friends, but he planned to ask Liel out after he got home from a war. He went off to war to stop other Fusionists who'd started a coup to take over the world's government. He managed to kill one of their major leaders at the cost of his mind being snapped by their mind manipulating powers. He spent years recovering and trying to come back to Liel only to find Liel was with another man, Max. He's the lead guitarist of a band he formed called 'Fade to Pitch'.
4)Design - Reist's look was based on a lot of punk related designs like the low mohawk he has, multiple face piercings, purposely and accidentally torn clothes, and lots of leather when he wears it.
5)Current Status - A lot of my friends find him sexy, which is what I hopped for hahaha. People enjoy his company, personality, and look. I'm pretty proud of him. He's well rounded too; having a dark side, psychological problems for his mind being messed with, but he does all he can to be a good and supportive person, lover, and best friend.
6)Current Status within story - After a psychological breakdown where he tried to forcibly eat/fuse with Liel they discovered a cure to his problem which also fixed Max's health issues. Max and he fused together to make Raix and they live happily as one person now with Liel. He's also been made into one half of a new character of mine I'll introduce when I make a good picture of named Leliel.
7)Voice - Spike Spiegal's voice actor Steven Blum hahahaha:
He has the perfect pitch but might be a bit too deep, if I remember any better ones I'll post it.
8)Theme Songs - Any songs from Pink, but especially these three:
For his dark side:

Kota Koya
Kota Koya by Juacamo Koya Portrait Color by Juacamo I'm safe you big silly by Juacamo Koya - Trial of Krodha Sketch by Juacamo Koya Gives some Christmas by Juacamo Kris and Koya in the rain by Juacamo
1)Feeling - I wanted to make a gentle giant who had every reason to not be gentle but chose to be. I wanted a giant character who dealt with adult themes and problems surrounding his world to round him out more. I wanted a giant that could easily have been seen as dangerous as he grew to add more tension. To have him go through the inner conflict of once being a weakling that could die easily to being incredibly powerful and needing to use that power. I like the idea of a weak person becoming powerful but using it for good.
2)Inspiration - Koya himself and his entire story are based a lot on Hindu mythology. His looks are from personal likes like long dark hair, elf ears, tan caramel skin, and glowing blue eyes. His look is also inspired by a friend of mine's character designs.
3)Backstory - Koya is a whelp, a mysterious race of humanoid beings that live in the wilderness whose bodies change with their feelings. On the day of his birth his six older siblings and his mother all died over the course of the day, ending with his mother soon after his birth. He was sold to a rich family to be the servant of their son Aiden. The lord's wife of the family died from overexertion and the lord and Aiden became cruel. One night the lord came home drunk thinking Koya was his wife and violated him. Ever since then Koya cannot speak as when whelps become deeply depressed they lose the ability to talk. After gaining a loving relationship with Aiden he was sold to a research facility where he received mysterious powers that allow his mood to rapidly and excessively change his body. He escaped with other whelps from the facility and are now on the run trying to free their people and harness their new powers to save humans and whelps.
4)Design - I wanted to keep Koya's design very simple. As he's based on Hinduism I wanted to portray the ideal of non-materialism. Koya has no need of anything besides what he earns, what is given to him, and what he needs to keep warm. So just a loincloth and when he needs it, a cape. Most whelps have huge tails, he does not though as his was chopped off by his owner and is tiny now that it's grown back compared to others. I don't know where I came up with the freckles hahaha. They just came to me. All whelps gain claws that don't cut over time. All whelps also have glowing eyes, they stay one natural color unless their mood changes enough for the color to change. Koya's are naturally a joyful blue.
5)Current Status - Koya's become one of my most beloved characters in a very short amount of time haha. Since he can't talk he has to communicate with signals, gestures, sign language, and writing. So for him actions are his main form of speech and peopel I've interacted with him doing that like that. Personally I love him and his story and am so glad I made him.
6)Current Status within story - as not to spoil anything...he's 'Up There' tight now. Whatever that means, and in more ways than one, hahahaha.
7)Voice - During the time Koya can talk when he was young I always picture he'd have the voice of the boy in the purple hood from from FFX, but with a Hindi accent:
I can't think of anyone that'd have the right voice for him when he's older.
8)Theme Songs - I have two themes for him that always make me think of him. Kiss me Sunlights from the opening of 'Zone of The Enders' part 1.
The entire soundtrack of the Digital Devil Saga games, which are also heavily based on Hinduism.
When Koya fights seriously early then much much later these songs in particular fits him so well in my head.

Hope that wasn't too long for anyone. Again not gonna tag anyone else. If anyone has any questions about my characters feel free to ask. The only one I may not is Koya as I'm trying to keep his later story spoiler free for people hehe.

Outside of the tagging I've been alright, enjoying my vacation, E3, doing art at home and playing. I recently entered a big art contest at my school. Wish me luck hehe.

Hope everyone else has been okay.

Disability in Australia

Mon Mar 7, 2016, 8:24 PM
I'm sorry I haven't said many things lately, I haven't had much going on besides school and setting up my PC. I'm posting this now because this is an urgent problem and close to my heart. I have two good friends from Australia and a Youtuber from there I watch a lot, friendlyjordies.

He recently posted a video about the privatization for disabled services. This will leave many who are not in the high and middle ground of wealth who are disabled in Australia without care. This will also leave many if their workers without the ability to care for them, firing them, or cutting their wages and moving them to worse working conditions. I'm asking anyone who wants to help in some way to sign this petition:…

I refuse to live in a world where some of the most physically and mentally vulnerable aren't cared for in some way. Especially in a 1st world nation where it Definitely can be helped. We don't live in a perfect world, but I'll be damned to live in one where someone can throw the poor who don't have a rats chance of help under the bus and then not speak on the matter. This was lucky to have even been leaked out of the government.

Here are two videos on the matter from friendlyjordies along with an article if anyone wants clarification:

I am well aware there are many other good deeds I or anyone can be doing right now for many other people with many other problems and I wish I could help very much and am glad to do so when I find out about them with what little I have.

Hope you're all doing well.

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Computer Update

Sat Nov 14, 2015, 4:38 PM
Hello everybody

First before anything my best wishes go out to those in France, Europe, and anywhere else in the world effected by the recent terrorist attacks. I'm not keen on all the information, I've been dealing with my own problems but I will learn very soon. I hope all my friends in Europe are safe.

Now about me, my computer's  fine for the most part now. I had to do a complete system wipe. It's working well, I have it mostly updated completely and it's operational. I'll try to keep it clean and check for more updates over the next few weeks. It's well enough for me to come on a bit more often and to get back to work however I still have 4 more weeks left of school and cannot be here the whole time since finals are coming.

My computer was contaminated with corrupted files that could not be deleted after my last journal. My friend showed me how to turn it back into a Windows 7 64 bit, but switching it back corrupted half my hard drive. I saved what files I could and did a full system wipe. Half my stuff is gone, mostly games and unused files. My art, your art, and other important projects I saved so anyone who's wondering about your commissions and other things requested of me, it's all safe.

I myself have been mostly okay, stressed about my computer and school, but okay otherwise. I'm doing well in classes. My projects are coming out wonderfully.

This past Thursday I helped hold a memorial. It was for a dear friend of the art and sculpting departments who passed away from cancer 4-5 weeks ago. He was my sculpting professor's assistant. His name was Larry. I knew him for about two semesters, so less than a year, I didn't get to know him well during that time either. But it's because of him and our professor, and his other assistant that I started to love sculpting. It's not going to be my main art form, but I appreciate it so much more thanks to him. They all pushed me on and it allowed me to do work like this:

Bronze Statue by Juacamo

I got to meet Larry's best friend whom he'd been friends with for nearly all their lives. I was glad to cater to the guests, meet his old friends, see the other classmates who graduated before me that he helped like me. I'm glad I could know him.

The foundry, the place he was happiest at was torn down two months before he left. A lot of people were discouraged by that. I couldn't imagine since I'd only been there once. But it felt like a home there when I was there. It was weird and nice roasting food over the fire near the kiln that was burning the bronze for our sculptures. I'm thankful.

So that's all about me as of late. I'll be around, have to work on and off, but I'll be here.

Love you all.

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This isn't going to be for long hopefully. I was going to do some projects for Halloween, but something came up. My main computer is not usable right now and my laptop is not good enough to run my games and programs.

Here's what happened. About 3 weeks ago I downloaded Smite, a MOBA I really love. They were hosting a pre-halloween prize of in game money for every win. Smite despite it being the Steam version, suddenly needed the HiRezlauncher to play the game which it had never needed before. I downloaded it and suddenly files in the game began to get corrupted. When those files corrupted they did so to files outside the game's files as well. So I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it then did a disk defrag. The defrag could not fix the files unless it was a boot defrag, so I did that. From then on every time I started my computer it'd do a boot defrag without my permission. This went on for a few days and was fine because I could stop the defrag. The problem was more files were being corrupted, both from Smite and from the defragging.

Last week I had enough and decided to get rid of both Smite and the Auslogics defrag program to stop it from starting entirely. When I did this my computer from then on would not even turn on. It began to loop a system restore to fix the corrupted and unmovable files. This began Friday late Friday. I was not sure what to do and spent all of Halloween trying to fix my own computer and afraid of what'd happen to all my work, projects, and games. Also it being a holiday I figured I couldn't call Microsoft there's also the fact that I couldn't send my computer in if I wanted since I had it built by a friend. Also I couldn't call my friends who are good with computers because they were all out having fun at parties and whatnot. Even though I may have lost a lot of work I decided on a last resort to replace my operating system. It was a Windows 7 64 bit, and I had a Windows 7 disc from school. I used it and thankfully all my data was secure, I saved my important files, everything's fine.

Problem is now, the disc I had was for Windows 7 32 bit. So now half my programs are unusable. The screen is reduced in size and I have bad eyes as it is. The corrupted files were thankfully cleaned (one surprisingly was a piece of art I've never posted which I'll have a link to here haha:
They Always Fall in Twos by Juacamo
Funny story behind that picture, I made that around the same time I was angry at friends within that same group, at the time.) I went to buy a 64 bit disc Monday this week. For whatever reason my computer is no longer capable of turning back into a 64 bit computer. I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem. The only information I found out is that if my computer were 64 compatible under the processor segment of the description of my computer it would say I think it was ETI? Anyway, all my work is safe. I just need my computer to be a 64 bit again is all or my programs will stay unusable. My friend who is an expert on computers hasn't been answering his phone. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear.

I would just use my laptop but there's a problem with that too, it's not powerful enough to work many programs or games. I can't draw on it either because my screen is shot, black turns red and white turns blue. And the man who was supposed to fix it got a new screen for it, yet he dropped out of school the next semester and changed his number.

I'll be around, hope everyone's okay love you all. I will say the break from the computer has been a bit refreshing without the hassles of the defrags, system restoring, and fixing. It's also moving much faster too. Schools been fine as well. I'll save my projects for that till the end of the semester, they're coming out so wonderfully.

See you soon.

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Back to school tomorrow

Sun Aug 23, 2015, 4:23 PM
Sorry for not putting a journal up recently, nothing's really been going on on my end besides getting pretty mad at some horrible news I started researching. Not to say it's all bad, but it's pretty bad. Outside of that research most of my friends have been talking with me either way so I didn't feel I needed to hehe. I don't want to make other people as pissed as I was so I won't talk about the stuff here hehe.

I've been enjoying my summer, working on my game (the demo is nearly done hehe, it's at least playable, no missions or main quests in full yet though), spending time with friends, working some, playing some. All in all though I just feel like I've had a long day off from school. Senioritis maybe? I only have 2 semesters left before I graduate from college hehe. I'm not depressed or sad. I did do work this summer unlike last summer and made new friends hehe.

This semester I'll be taking mostly sculpting classes, printmaking, and history of theater. My senior art show will be coming up in a while. Gotta do my best work now beforehand hehe.

Nothing else going on really. How's everyone been?

I won't post commission details here anymore, they'll be on my main page with how many slots are open.

Update* I do want to leave one video. I warn anyone it's about a heavy subject, the one I've mentioned I've been studying. One of my enemies, if not my greatest enemy that I wish I could wipe clean from the world. If anyone here has ever been self-harming and/or deeply depressed I recommend you watch, it's not like other videos and arguments of its kind: [link]

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First Stream

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 3:15 PM
Sp uhm...I'll be hosting my first drawing stream this Friday, June 12th, as suggested by my dear friend :iconmegasonic20:. It'll be starting around 5 PM Central Time. I'll post a link in my submissions on the day. But just in case anyone wants the link now:… there it is hehe. I need to remake my commission sheet, hopefully before then. Hope to see you there hehehe.

How's everyone been lately? 

Commissions (2/3)
:iconosric09: A reference sheet, the sketches are all done.

:iconresi-chibi: Him lying with a giant Dante from Devil May Cry. The preview's in my gallery sketches.

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Summer Vacation 2015 and Week Sabbatical

Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2015, 12:33 AM
The skin's header goes here

Woooooo! Classes are done, finals are done time to finally relax! This last semester hasn't been as stressful as the one before it, but much more difficult with the class work and whatnot. I hope everyone's doing okay, as I hear things have been difficult lately for a lot of people and I hope things get better. Some friends have gone missing, haven't been on DA in a while, and I'm worried about them. Like :icontitan-men:. I really hope you're alright.

As for me, I'm just fine. I made some good achievements like writing my very first poetry book haha, made a few sculptures (unfortunately one is breaking), and did a lot of drawings and stuff that I've posted most of. Poetry class was great, so was drawing and sculpting. Not much else to say about my semester but plenty to show hehe. At home I've just been playing FFType-0, beat Bloodborne 4 times and platinumed it, playing Mortal Kombat 10, and lots of other PC games. Also working on my own game.

As usual I'll be taking my week sabbatical from the internet starting Monday till Saturday. I'm not leaving entirely just keeping away from the internet as much as possible, but I will be on for two of my good friend's birthdays
love you guys, hope you have good birthdays hehehe.

Hope everyone has a good time with their moms and grandmas on Mother's Day. See you all soon hehehe.

:iconosric09: A reference sheet, the sketches are all done.

:iconresi-chibi: Him lying with a giant Dante from Devil May Cry. The preview's in my gallery sketches.


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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 8:57 AM
Not really sure what else to call this, nothing's really been going on lately besides college haha.
I just wanted to tell everyone how's it been going. I'm about halfway through my semester, spring break is in a week,
starting on the 13th. I have midterms all that week so I won't be on much next week.
So to explain how I've set things up, I do my homework through out the week then try to draw on the weekends.
I'm guessing I'll be doing this from now until the end of the semester unless things at school change.
Just a heads up for people wondering why I've only been posting digital stuff on weekends and my school projects on weekdays.
But that week of vacation I'll try to draw much more hehe.

How has everyone been? This week has been strange on my end thanks in part to the full moon last night.

I've bought a lot of games lately, as some of you already know my dream is to be a video
game designer making mostly RPGs and some horror games. I've been studying up for that project I told some of you
about a while ago. Thanks to recent events I finally got the licenses and the ability to get back to that project hehe.

Otherwise not much has been happening besides school.
I'm really excited to get FF: Type-0 which is coming out on the 20th along with the FFXV demo
if you pre-ordered it, which I did hehe.

I hope everyone's alright out there. Stay warm hehehe.

Commissions (3/3):

:iconosric09: A reference sheet.

:iconresi-chibi: Him lying with a giant Dante from Devil May Cry. The preview's in my gallery sketches

:iconblaineinagaki: His main character with Reuroni Kenshin.

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Winner of Kiriban! and Starting College

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 10:00 AM

And the winner of the Kiriban is... :iconherodeku:!!!

Common down and get your prize hehehe. Note me for whatever you'd like.

And hello everybody started my last semester as a Junior in college today. I'll be taking classes every day except Friday, but thankfully for a short 4 hours a day with a break between for 2 hours on Monday and Wednesday. So I'll be less stressed and tired during the week unlike last semester when I was at school for 13 hours a day...

A lot of you started or are going to start classes again yourselves. How's everyone and your new classes?

Commissions (3/3):

:iconosric09: A reference sheet.

:iconresi-chibi: Him lying with a giant Dante from Devil May Cry.

:iconblaineinagaki: His main character with Reuroni Kenshin.

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Happy New Year! And 50K Kiriban!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 2, 2015, 8:18 PM

Happy New Years Everyone!

I didn't get a chance to write a journal between Thanksgiving and New Years. I was going to write this yesterday but I got a miserable toothache, my worst tooth is starting to come out and I couldn't focus on anything yesterday. I'll be seeing a dentist Monday, it's pretty bad. So a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

My birthday and Christmas were pretty quiet. I got KH2.5 for my birthday. And for Christmas I got a new pair of shoes, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a basket of Greek baking food from my friend who lives near me. I got mom lots of books she wanted, some Amazon gift cards, and the third dvd of Moonphase (it's a Vampire related anime) that she was missing.

What has everyone else gotten for Christmas? And anybody got any New Years resolutions they want to share?

Also I'm nearing my 50K views! Thank you all so much for the support hehe. So whoever gets a snapshot of my profile when it hits 50,000 views wins a prize. If no one does and can at least get close, before at least 50 over still wins.

Only people who can't participate are: :iconrottenheart6: since he has stuff on the way, :iconkyuubifreak234: he has something on the way too, and all my commission people unless I finish their commissions before I reach 50K.

I hope everyone's doing alright, let's have a good new year hehe.

Commissions (2/3):

:iconresi-chibi: A full body picture of his character Hypnos.

:iconmegasonic20: On the last of the 4 pages, nearly done.

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5th Year Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 9:37 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

This is also my 5th year anniversary being on Deviantart. I joined on Thanksgiving 2009 and love to be here hehe. It's fulfilling many dreams I've had and I want to do more and make more friends, and be a good friend myself. I'm thankful for everyone who likes my work and the people I know here.

I haven't posted a journal in a loong while. Sorry about that, though most people know what's been going on and why. This semester in college hasn't been good time wise and three big school projects that I've been working on all the semester came up. Being the 5 paintings, and several sculptures. Most of which I've posted the work of. I'm currently on the last painting for painting class, out of all of them I don't like this one the most. The bronze sculpture is beautiful, I have to load up the pictures to show him. He still needs polishing then he'll be finished. The other project is a thesis on African religion and animism. I admit that even before this semester started I haven't been keeping up with my work and friends...I'm very sorry... I haven't been a good friend to some people lately.

What's been going on with me since July, besides school. At the end of the Summer I went to a family reunion. It was a reunion for everyone in my old neighborhood where I grew up in Chicago. There I saw a lot of family and friends, and I felt so at home, and welcome there. And recalled everything that made me want to do what I want to do now. Inspire people, and bring hope and good intentions, and kindness to others. I want to live up to those dreams as well as my personal ones. My family's so proud of me even though I don't feel like I've done much.

At that reunion I also got to meet the man who found my father's body. He died of an asthma attack when I was young. My grandmother was downstairs and couldn't get up to where he was to check on him because she lost the use her legs from diabetes and was in a wheelchair. His co-workers sent 3 men to find him, and one of them was who I met at the reunion. I heard from him and other people so many stories about him mom never knew or told me about. It was hard not to be sad and happy. I was proud, I am proud to be my dad's son. I also finally got to learn what happened to my grandfather, he passed in peace a few years after my dad.

That was the most prominent thing that happened, lots of other stuff too of course. School stuff mostly, not gonna bore people with that hehe.

Game wise I've been playing South Park: Stick of Truth, Evil Within, and Diablo 3. All excellent games except Evil Within which I would have loved if it were scary and not frustrating, and if I could see it (letterbox...). I still liked it. With my and mom's birthday coming up on the 8th of December I really want Dragon Age Inquisition hehe, as well as KH 2.5. I'm getting her a George Foreman Grill and a new DVD/VHS player, her old one broke. But shhh, don't tell her hehehe.

I hope everyone's been well. I'm thankful to all my friends for what they've done for me. Anthony, Heart, KC, John, Osric, and my new friends Resi and Tora, thank you all so much hehehe.

Commissions (3/3):

:iconresi-chibi: A full body picture of his character Hypnos.

:iconmegasonic20: 2 of the 4 pages left to do.

:iconosric09: His character Brad Singing. Just have to shade and highlight it.

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Happy Independence Day 2014!

Fri Jul 4, 2014, 4:25 AM
Happy 4th of July everyone! I've been having a nice Summer this year. It was stressful at first but it's been getting more calm and relaxing. Only I wish I could got to sleep earlier instead of between 6-8 in the morning lately haha.

How has everyone's summer been? Most of my European and South American friends have been in college courses. So it's been a bit odd because I don't want to interrupt their work while I'm in the vacation mode. My next college semester starts in the last week of August so I still have 2 months of vacation left hehe.

Tonight my friend invited me to a fireworks party. We can't afford any this year so it was really nice of him to do it. See you all later, tell me how your 4th of July is.

Oh also, I want to give a big shout out to my dear friend :iconmegasonic20: for getting me and my mom through some trouble recently thanks to a commission he bought from me hehe. Thanks a lot Anthony. Hope you have a great Independence Day too.

And lastly Happy Independence Day! May everyone enjoy their freedoms!

Commissions (3 closed)
-:iconmegasonic20: A 2 part commission, I completed the first part, the picture of the humanoid Atlas. The second part is a reference sheet of his new giant character Antoine.

-:iconosric90: His giant character Brad singing. Finished a few sketches.

-:iconpenta-zel: Two full body pictures of two of his friend's characters.

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Summer Vacation 2014!

Fri May 9, 2014, 9:50 PM
Hello everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't posted since New Years. But I did tell most of you about what's been happening.

This past semester has been the most stressful out of all the of the semester's I've taken so far. It's been stress filled, difficult, painful even. I almost burned my hand doing a final exam for art class and ruined my sleeping time. I guess it comes with college heh. The harsh Winter we've had here didn't help either. It set our school back by 4 days in class schedules which made our teacher's jobs hard too. Tests had to be revised, homework given in shorter periods, etc. I don't want to sit and complain about it.

Here's a song that perfectly shows how I felt about Finals by this past Tuesday. My friend sent it to me god I love him for this hahahaha! 

I was in a drawing class with a very strict teacher, no one liked her, especially for her attendance policy. I didn't mind her till one day a classmate of mine brought in her cousin because no one could care for her and pointed at her saying "This has to stop," because she was in our class before. That was when i started not to like her. I took Geology, it was pretty fun learning about the make-up of rocks. I've always had a passion for crystals. Our teacher was an older man who's been teaching there for like 20-30 years, a great guy. I met his wife a long time ago when I first started college, she's the schools basic algebra and calculus teacher, she was so kind to us. She knew how hard it was for poor kids in our school so she copied some of the pages of the book for us so we didn't have to buy it. There was also a lab class for the Geology class, we had fun there too. Only issue was our teacher was a chain smoker and during the winter he caught pneumonia and could never teach the class. So his friends had to. 

Lastly I had a reading class, Reading Fiction specifically. We read a lot of famous classics and short stories like: Lancelot, Heart of Darkness, Ice Man, Crime and Punishment, and much more. My favorite short story was 'Dance of Happy Shades' about an old woman having her last party as a music teacher and everyone was making fun of her for being poor and believing in her students who can't play very well. It's later realized that her teaching methods and believing in the kids actually help them play because one of them plays really well, but the families call it a fluke and ignore it. She refuses to stops believing. My favorite Novella was the only one we read, 'Heart of Darkness'. About a man finding the center of the horrors of expanding a civilized world using a corrupt machine. And my favorite novel was 'Crime and Punishment', a fantastic book about the mind of a man filled with guilt and living up to a murder he committed.

Now for the really good news, I'm a Junior in college now and I spoke with the dean's secretary and the head of the 'Arts and Sciences' department. It turns out I've finished my Minor in Art History! I was so happy when I heard hehehehe. I can take my major after I'm done with my current one and get a degree in Art History if I want hehehehe. I switched my Minor to English instead of Business like I planned. I have a knack for English, all my English professors have told me about how good they think my writing is, I think it's not very good most of the time. But I'm glad for the praise and I've always loved the use of words,just not the writing part heh. I never feel like I get anywhere actually writing and it always slows me down to the point that I don't finish. I've set up my classes for Fall semester and hopefully will be in a Creative Writing class where I can get used to it more.

At home, my mother's fine she's at the end of her week's vacation today and I got her a special present hehe. I got her the second season of 'Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles'. I used to try and like the show...but after seeing these episodes I cannot. There is some pretty gruesome stuff in there that hurt to watch. Besides that we're tight on money, so now spending for a while. I'm going to learn how to drive because mom and I finally got a new car after our last 4 died. One of my big plans for this summer is to learn 3D animation and sculpting from a friend of mine. I'll post some things for that sometimes, I've already started with a few things.

Drawing wise, I'm glad I learned how to make more emotive and expressive art thanks to the help of some friends and a very great artist here: :icontentaclesandteeth:. He critiqued one of my pictures and told me about how to start learning to draw without being constrained by lines and to do it freely. Direct painting is something I've always wanted to learn and I'm glad to start hehehe.

One last thing. Starting Sunday, May 11th Mother's Day, I'm taking a vacation away from the internet. I don't like feeling like I Need to be here too often, and I've felt that way because I felt neglectful when I wasn't here during the semester. After that week I'll be back. Hopefully drawing more too. I learned from my Drawing class, other artist, my friends, and abotu expressing myself in my work more. When I get back I want to show more hehe.

How has everyone been?

Commissions (1 open/2 closed)
-:iconosric90: His giant character Brad singing. Finished a few sketches.

-:iconpenta-zel: Two full body pictures of two of his friend's characters.

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Happy New Year 2014!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 8:35 PM
Happy New Years everyone!

I have two weeks till I have to go back to school unfortunately, it starts on the 14th for me, but no worries I'm here for now and I intend to enjoy myself.

As a response to my friend :iconjacksonfivecheal: she wanted to know if I have any New Years Resolutions, which yes I do:

1) Be a little less lazy. It's been hard, and in 2011 I made up my mind to make a resolution every year to be a 'Little' less lazy each year. It would be far too hard to just make myself entirely less lazy all at once. So if I make it a resolution to be a little each year, I'll grow out of it entirely eventually hehehe.

2) Enjoy life more, and not treat things so seriously. I may not seem like it in the way I type but I am actually quite a serious person. I can barely take jokes, and I don't understand them a lot heh... Like when people tried to bully me or troll me, I lack so many social skills I just don't get it hahahaha! I can't just gain all those social skills at once of course, but I do need to take things less seriously, it's giving me stress marks.

Anyone else have any resolutions?

Other then that, I just posted some new art from while I was making the surprise hehehe. Hope you all like them!

Unfortunately my surprise involving the 'They're coming' picture is postponed again. I only have the sketches and a few pictures done, time to take a year to finish them hahahahaha!

Hope everyone had a lovely New Years, let's start the year off to it's finest!

Commissions (1 open/2 closed)
-:iconosric90: His giant character Brad singing. Finished a few sketches.

-:iconpenta-zel: Two full body pictures of two of his friend's characters.

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Merry Christmas Eevryone! And...The Surprise hehe

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 3:21 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone on DA and all my friends! I have finally finished the Surprise I've been working on since July! Unfortunately...I had to drop two of those surprises because first I ran out of time and they were too detailed... These two people are:

:iconyokufo: and :iconshadowthshapeshifter:

But I do have both sketches of theirs and will post Yokufo's but not Shadow's because it's very special hehe.

As for all the others, I worked until 4 AM my time to finish the last few and will post them on now (god I'm tired...hehehehe). I can barely type...but I will try to describe each surprise as I go. Also what the Surprise was for. The Big Surprise was a deep practice of anatomy. I decided to use all my favorite characters from all my friends, or characters I knew you liked, and studied anatomy with each one (mostly all men hahaha!). So as a way to practice and practice Well, I made them all as good looking as I could for the practice, with the motivation of making you happy. So I really hope you like them hehe.

As for my other surprise for the picture 'They Are Coming', I could not do those in time and may have to postpone that for another time. I put it off to finish this one.

Alright, is everyone ready? I hope you like my gifts hehe.

And have a Merry Christmas!

-:iconosric90: His giant character Brad singing. Finished a few sketches.

-:iconmegasonic20: Everything's finished, posting after surprise.

-:iconpenta-zel: Two full body pictures of two of his friend's characters.

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Winter 2013-Classes Finally Over!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 14, 2013, 11:37 PM
Hello everyone, dear god I am so sorry it's been too too long since my last journal or any word from me besides in notes and whatnot. I've been held up mostly by school as many people already know, and I am so glad this past semester is finally over! I was going to post this journal on my birthday, but my finals were this week and I needed to study and catch up on them. The classes being Geography, Ethical Philosophy (my favorite class this past semester hehe), ancient to Medieval art history, and Website Design. Those were the classes I've had these past 3-4 months, and after my cut short summer, so I am only now getting time to relax on a full vacation since Summer heh. The biggest thing I miss of course is talking with my friends and not drawing as often.

So a little bit on the serious and bad stuff that's happened while I was gone, skip this next paragraph if you don't want to know.

I've basically gotten over what happened at my godmother's old house and being depressed about that. But my faiths and beliefs were shaken up by that time and an issue that happened between me and an old friend I have not talked to since, it's hard to get over but I have to and am. I had been in a bit of a depression since then, and it's thanks to my best friend that I could recover. Then during the Summer I got some sad news. I tried to call and check on my grandmother Calloway on Mother's Day to see how she was. But she had passed away, the day before... This was also after one of my dear friend's from high school's father and my mother's friend's mother died on the same day a few days before. A lot of other things sad and serious have happened, but I'll leave them alone. I've been pretty disconnected from where I am since then. But I'm doing better, and thanks to my friends and some help in my belief and philosophy ideals from Philosophy class and other help I'm getting back on track.

Sad stuff done

Now about recently, I had a very nice birthday, so many friends came and I had a loooot of fun hehe. We just stayed at home, had pizza, played games, watched some really really bad movies 'Magic Doctor, I'm Black Again!', and made fun of so much stuff hehehe. For my birthday mom got me 'Tales of Xilia', can't wait to play that after I beat 'Tales of Graces F' which I kind of don't like heh. Still fun though.

As for art...dear god I'm so far behind I'm finding next years Christmas presents hahahaha...heh... I drew a lot in class, doodles, sketches, etc. mostly for my games and character ideas. For the surprise, I am nearly done, it's going to end up a Christmas present it seems like since it's taken so long. I am done with about 20 of them, there are 2-3 in particular causing a lot of problems because of the detail. I may leave them out if I have to till I can finish them.

In personal projects...hehehe, I need to start remodeling my gallery, so it may look different very soon. I have two new personal projects I'll be posting online, and a small peek at that soon hehehe. I will not reveal what it is till Christmas but I think everyone will be presently surprised hehe.

That's all for now. Love you all and hope everyone is doing well.

-:iconosric90: His giant character Brad singing. Finished a few sketches.

-:iconmegasonic20: Everything's finished, posting after surprise.

-:iconpenta-zel: Two full body pictures of two of his friend's characters.

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